Meet the teaching app that schools can fully control

Teacher using iGnite

iGnite is the most flexible Teaching Assistant which enables schools and teachers to:

  • Add/Modify Curriculum and Distribute Content Freely
  • Deploy on iPad – School Owned or Student Owned Devices
  • Create and conduct exams, announce results, loop in parents
  • Set Up On School’s Own Server For Full Control

A powerful, customisable teaching platform made for educational institutions

iGnite is an app which enables to schools and other educational institutions to teach more effectively, and to continue their classrooms beyond class time. This app assists them in deploying their own courseware, and teaching in their own style. iGnite is a simple, flexible, affordable platform built for iPad. 

Simple enough for first-time users - both students and teachers

Digital technology has changed the process of learning. iGnite allows educational institutions to transform the process of teaching, in simple but powerful ways. Since both educators and students are still learning the best ways to use technology in education, iGnite has been designed to be uncomplicated and user friendly.

Deeply integrated with the tools you are familiar with

You will find iGnite easy to use because it is built on tools that you may already be familiar with.  For example, iGnite facilitates live interaction with students remotely through Zoom – the most commonly used video conferencing service. You can distribute content to students in any format you are comfortable with – PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Keynote, Video, etc.

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