Here's how schools can deploy iGnite easily, quickly and affordably


iGnite is a simple, customisable teaching app which has been built to integrate deeply with powerful features offered by modern devices. And our team of experts have the expertise required to deploy devices at scale within educational institutions. This means that we can seamlessly implement iGnite on hundreds or even thousands of devices at a time, within your existing IT environment.

Security, Privacy and Control

Our experts can help configure devices to ensure maximum security and privacy, and to keep students focused by restricting usage of specific websites, apps and features. Our solutions will also enable remote management of devices, and allow school and teachersĀ  to control device features, configure apps and manage content on an ongoing basis.

Automation and Configuration

Apple has a fantastic free tool called the Apple School Manager, which automates the configuration and management of iPads. Our experts are fully trained in deployment of iPads remotely through Apple School Manager, setting up of usage policies as per your requirements, and integration of an MDM (Mobile Device Manager) like Mosyle Manager along with iGnite. This combination gives a great amount of control over each device to your IT team, and allows teachers and administrative staff to easily manage content on an everyday basis.

We can work with your IT team to seamlessly deploy iGnite at scale on school-owned and/or student-owned iPads, so you can begin enjoying the magic of modern technology in no time!

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