The Most Affordable School Teaching App Is Now Free!

Get iGnite Free 
For The First Year

iGnite has been designed specifically for Indian schools, to allow teachers to deliver education in their own style — but in a modern, super-effective manner. 

The app facilitates classroom as well as remote learning, while allowing schools/teachers to distribute their own content to students. This make iGnite extremely flexible, and perhaps the most affordable educational app in India.

To allow schools and teachers to try iGnite before investing in it, we have made the full featured app free for 1 year.

After First Year

Even after the first year, iGnite continues to be much more affordable than any other quality educational app. Schools pay a small amount per student, and there are no fixed costs.
Compatible With Existing IT Systems
iGnite can be seamlessly deployed within the existing IT systems at your institution.

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