Teachers, don't let technology change your teaching style

The perfect learning management system for indian schools

Digital technology has changed the process of learning, and therefore the the way we teach must change too. However, most educational apps try to standardise teaching methods, and in doing so, undermine every teacher’s unique style and experience.

iGnite is India’s most flexible educational app which allows schools to transform the process of teaching, without forcing them to change their style of teaching. It is designed specifically for school teaching, which is why schools can own and control everything from devices to content to storage to distribution. 

iGnite - Simple, functional, customisable

iGnite- The most flexible and affordable teaching app for iPad

Despite being easy to use for educators as well as students, iGnite has all the features required for teaching effectively in today’s world. Click here to view all features.

iGnite – Content Features
  • Preset CBSE, ICSE or IB curriculum
    Access ready-to-use content for different boards
  • Modify content and schedule
    Build on preset content – add, delete, reorganise
  • Add your own content
    As a school/teacher, set up your own modules
iGnite – Core Functionality
  • Post class notes, share & score assignments 
  • Create and conduct exams remotely; announce results 
  • Deliver remote lectures through Zoom integration
  • Manage curriculum, notes, assignments, tests, etc in Teacher’s Dashboard
  • Monitor progress of each student in Student Reports
  • Upload content in any common file format 
iGnite – Built for iPad
  • iGnite is made for iPad, and works on all models
  • iPad ensures complete security & privacy of users. Unsafe usage can be restricted by schools
  • Schools can remotely configure both school-owned and student-owned iPads
iGnite Logo
iGnite - Made for iPad

For more information, please reply to this email, or contact us at info@igniteapplication.com