More power to school teachers

iGnite is the most flexible Teaching Assistant which enables schools and teachers to:

What is iGnite?

A powerful, customisable teaching platform made for Indian schools

iGnite is an app which enables to schools teach more effectively, and to continue their classrooms beyond school time. It assists schools in deploying their own courseware, and teaching in their own style. iGnite is a simple, flexible, affordable platform built for iPad. 

iGnite - the most flexible, affordable e learning solution for schools

What can iGnite do?

Notes & Assignments

Post class notes, share & score assignments online

Exams & Results

Conduct exams and announce results remotely

100% offline mode

Students continue learning without wifi

All file formats supported

Upload content in any common format

Teacher’s dashboard

Well-designed admin panel for teachers/schools

Student reports

Monitor progress of each student in real time

Night Mode

For low strain on eyes when studying in low light

Online Lectures

Integrated with Zoom for remote lectures

Why use iGnite?

Finally, an educational tool which schools can fully control

Digital technology has changed the process of learning. iGnite allows schools to transform the process of teaching, without forcing them to change their style of teaching. iGnite is designed specifically for school teaching, which is why schools can control every aspect of it – from devices to content to storage and distribution. 

Who needs iGnite?

Recent developments have made it compulsory for every educational institution to adopt suitable technology to teach effectively. iGnite has been designed to help all institutions to improve teaching efficiencies.

K-12 School Teacher with Her Students
K-12 Schools

iGnite helps school teachers improve learning outcomes significantly through personalised teaching & remote classes

College professor can opt for technology in education with iGnite software for colleges

iGnite enables educators to engage students meaningfully, and helps students focus on what matters, wherever they are

Fashion design school teachers can use iGnite learning management system LMS
Professional Education

Professional educators use iGnite to teach in their own style, create modules based on their own experiences, and personalise learning

Coaching centre teachers can use iGnite for remote learning
Coaching Centers

Teachers who prepare students for boards and competitive exams use the flexibility of iGnite to build on each student’s strength.

The growing need for remote education

Educators have for years experimented with technology that can improve learning outcomes. But recent events have forced students and teachers around the world to learn new ways of staying connected. And they have discovered amazing new tools, which are changing education forever. Tools that have made teaching a continuous, seamless process. And learning a fun, flexible, location-agnostic experience.

Click here to know more about how iGnite can help teachers make education a more integrated part of student’s lives.

Zoom integration with iGnite for remote education

iGnite facilitates live interaction with students remotely through Zoom - the most modern and simple video conferencing services.

Features of iGnite

How to deploy iGnite across the organisation?

Deploying iGnite on hundreds or even thousands of iPads is simple, automated and fast. We will manage the entire deployment process, as well training for your IT team, teachers and students to make the transition absolutely smooth and hassle-free.


iGnite is free to use for the first year. After the first year, a very affordable per-student pricing applies for app usage – there are no  hidden charges for content, premium features, etc. All features are available for all users.

iGnite is free for schools for the first year